Wait and see? Biosecurity decision-making under disease risk – Part 1

This short science page offers insights on decision making where a wait-and-see attitude induces a delay in biosecurity investments and implementation, which creates instability and uncertainty in the industry’s ability and capacity to control disease. Written by Gabriela Bucini, Scott C. Merrill, Eric M. Clark, and Julie M. Smith of the Social Ecological Gaming and Simulation Lab, University of Vermont.

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Agriculture and human health: Taking a One Health perspective

Researchers from CVM and the School of Public Health recently conducted a reanalysis of data from a 2018 study that reported communities living near hog farms in North Carolina have increased negative health outcomes. The reanalysis uncovered fundamental inadequacies in the original study approach, which had a significant impact on swine producers resulting from negative media and lawsuits. In their published findings, the researchers who conducted the reanalysis emphasized the need for better-designed epidemiological studies and the responsible interpretation of data. They also called for a One Health approach that brings together relevant government, industry, and community representatives to solve the challenges of maximizing animal, human, and environmental health while supporting sustainable agriculture that meets the nation’s food-production needs.

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PRRS Elimination – Next Steps for the U.S.: A podcast

Podcasts are a perfect way to get caught up with new swine information! We are presenting you the latest episode from “At The Meeting… Honoring Dr. Bob Morrison” in collaboration with SwineCast.

Doing what we know how to do” is the best next step in efforts to eliminate PRRSv from the U.S. herd. The At The Meeting team presents a clear agenda in its continuing conversation with Dr. Scott Dee (Retired Director of Applied Research, Pipestone Veterinary Services) and Dr. Reid Philips (PRRS technical Brand Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim). The group acknowledges that PRRS elimination won’t be easy or immediately profitable, but a patient, persistent and proactive approach will yield success.

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Re-examining lameness

When you think about a sow with lameness, what image leaps to your mind? The classic view is of a sow that is limping as it walks. I would argue that a more accurate portrayal of the lame sow is one that is not walking and is reluctant to get up and walk. Examining the gait of a sow can still predict real problems, but sows are also capable of hiding their lameness or showing different levels of lameness over time.

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Scott Dee honored with Distinguished Research Alumnus award at 2023 CVM Research Day

Dr. Scott Dee (left) holds the Distinguished Research Alumni award with CVM Associate Dean of Research Dr. Molly McCue. Photo by Marty Moen. 

Over his 35-year career, Dr. Scott Dee, ’87 DVM, ’85 MS, ’96 PhD, has made a significant impact in the world of veterinary swine medicine through research efforts focused on infectious diseases. 

On April 6, the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) honored Dee for those efforts and more through its Distinguished Research Alumni award, presented as part of the College’s annual Research Day event.  

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