Tackling flu in piglets – What’s your gameplan?

In the January/February issue of National Hog Farmer, University of Minnesota faculty Montse Torremorell and Marie Culhane, along with graduate research assistants Gustavo Lopez and Chong Li explore farm plans to tackle influenza in pigs.

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Environmental footprint of pork production discussed

This article was written by Dr. Pedro Urriola, faculty member at the University of Minnesota, published on the National Hog Farmer website on October 14th, 2021.

Days started to be shorter and cooler as the fall season was upon us and with that came the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference and the Minnesota Nutrition Conference. This year, both conferences expanded discussions on the topic of environmental and business sustainability in the pork industry, among other relevant topics. Critical conversations are happening at public institutions, among investors, packers, retailers, and as consumers are demanding a reduction in the environmental impact of animal protein production. This reduction in the environmental footprint of pork production is a goal well understood and actively pursued by pork producers.

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Growing African swine fever virus raises risk considerations

Dr. John Deen fron the University of Minnesota recently wrote a column in the National Hog Farmer about African Swine Fever virus and what the recent reports about virus spread mean for the industry.

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Shedding light on the epidemiology of Senecavirus A

PhD-candidate Guilherme Milanez Preis, working with Drs. Cesar Corzo and Fabio Vannucci on the epidemiology of Senecavirus A. In an article for the National Hog Farmer, Preis shares the latest results of his work on Senecavirus A prevalence in the USA.

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Salmonella: How can we fight ‘smart’ bacteria?

Salmonella is an older pathogen, well-known in the swine industry. However, clinical signs of salmonellosis are still seen on the farm, sometimes despite the use of vaccines. Dr. Matheus Costa and graduate student Mariana Meneguzzi explain why this might be due to the great variety of Salmonella found in pigs in an article for the National Hog Farmer.

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