Beer and Bacon conversations: a new session at the Leman swine conference!

The organizing committee of the Allen D. Leman swine conference is proud to present a new session: Beer and Bacon conversations! The goal of this unique session is to invite industry leaders to share personal views and experiences with participants in a fun and relaxed environment.


This year, we are honored that Dr. Matthew Turner, veterinarian and head of pork live operations at JBS, accepted our invitation.

A graduate of North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Turner joined JBS after being a staff swine veterinarian for Prestage Farms for more than 10 years. He was recognized by the American Association of Swine Veterinarian as the 2014 Swine Practitioner of the year and presented the Dr. Alex Hogg Memorial Lecture at the 2017 AASV annual meeting. Dr. Turner is currently an at large member of the Board of Directors of the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC).

The session will be held at the InterContinental hotel on Sunday, September 16th at 5:15pm. Dr. Marie Culhane will get the conversation started but participation from the audience is more than welcome!

Seating for this event is limited. Do mot miss out by registering today!

The swine group is presenting its research around the world: come see us at the 2018 IPVS!

The summer has just started and our faculty and graduate students have attended multiple conferences to share the latest and most advanced results of their research. Do not miss them at the 2018 IPVS!

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Come see us at the 2018 IPVS

Multiple members of our group will be presenting at the 2018 IPVS in Chongqing, China.

Name Presentation Date Time
Cesar Corzo Regional monitoring for PRRSV Monday 11th 12:15pm
Talita Resende Instestinal lymphangectasis and lipogranulomatous lymphangitis in pigs Tuesday 12th 9:45am
Carles Vilalta New strategies for sampling piglets Wednesday 13th 10:00am
Maria Pieters The effect of gilt flow on Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae acclimation Wednesday 13th 12:15pm
Montse Torremorell Transmission of influenza A virus in pigs: the role of the piglet Wednesday 13th 13:30pm
Fabian Chamba Influenza herd-level prevalence and seasonality in Midwestern US breeding herds Wednesday 13th 14:00pm
Jose Angulo Elimination of vaccine porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus as part of PRRS elimination program using load-closehomogenize method Wednesday 13th 14:45pm
Talita Resende Next-generation sequencing coupled with in situ hybridization: a novel diagnostic platform to identify emerging pathogens and new variants of endemic viruses Wednesday 13th 14:45pm

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49th AASV annual meeting: Come see us in San Diego!

San Diego skyline from Pt64 On Saturday starts the 49th annual meeting of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians in San Diego, CA. Once again, the swine group from the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine will be well represented. This year’s theme is Global Knowledge: Individual Application.

Dr. Marie Culhane, member of this year’s program committee will also be co-chair a seminar on Sunday morning regarding the 4-dimensional revolution in food animal health and production: the synthesis of diagnostics, devices, digital platforms, and data analytics.  Dr. Maria Pieters will co-chair the DVM student seminar hold on Sunday afternoon.

Numerous faculty member, graduate students, researchers and DVM students will be presenting throughout the conference.

Presenter Topic When Session
Montse Torremorell Comparison of aggregate/population samples to detect viruses in suckling pigs Saturday, 2:05pm Monitoring and Surveillance 2.0
Albert Rovira Using Optisample to determine sample for specific needs Saturday, 4:15pm Monitoring and Surveillance 2.0
Montse Torremorell Air filtration testing: understanding filter efficacy and leakage Saturday, 1:25pm Biosecurity
Juan Sanhueza MSHMP Sunday, 10:15am The 4-dimensional revolution in food animal health and production
Jerri Torrison PigSAVI Sunday, 10:40am The 4-dimensional revolution in food animal health and production
Fabio Vannucci Diagnostic testing for challenging cases Sunday, 9:15am Diagnostics
Fabian Chamba Pardo Breeding herd factors associated with influenza in piglets at weaning Sunday, 9:15am Research topics
Nirmala Jayaveeramuthu Is influenza vaccination a key driver of influenza genetic diversity in piglets? Sunday, 9:30am Research topics
Jorge Garrido Mantilla Novel approaches for influenza surveillance in swine breeding herds Sunday, 9:45am Research topics
Matthew Sturos Shedding and persistence of Senecavirus A in boars Sunday, 11:45am Research topics
Zhen Yang Geographic distribution and genetic diversity of PCV3 from clinical samples in US swine farms Sunday, 4:15pm Student seminar
Fernando Leite The impact of zinc amino acid complex supplementation on the porcine response to subclinical Lawsonia intracellularis infection Sunday, 1:15pm Industrial Partners
Erika Vasquez Comparison of IPMA and commercial blocking ELISA for Lawsonia intracellularis Sunday, 3:00pm Industrial Partners
Fabio Vannucci Senecavirus A: pathologist/research perspective Monday, 4:45pm Emerging diseases
Peter Davies Measuring antibiotic use in pork production: why, how, and for whom? Tuesday, 10:30am General session

Do not forget to take a look at the various posters we will be presenting!

Presenter Topic Poster #
Taylor Homann Comparison of individual and pooled oral fluid samples, and Swiffer environmental samples of drinkers for the detection of IAV-S and PRRSV by PCR 12
Kevin Gustafson In vitro culture of porcine B cells 26
Marjorie Schleper Evaluation of farrowing stall sanitation protocols with ATP bioluminescence 37
Talita Resende Co-detection of PCV2 and PCV3 in pig samples 64
Juan Sanhueza Factors that impact PRRS time to stability 65
Frances Shepherd Phenotypic relationship and hypervariability of the VP7 gene in porcine rotavirus B and C 66
Shaoyuan Tan Benchmarking pen-side sequencing for infectious disease diagnosis 67
Carles Vilalta Model to estimate PRRSV introduction in filtered farms with negative pressure 72

Hope to see you there!

Two UMN graduate students awarded at CRWAD

The first week-end of December was the Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases in Chicago. Several of the swine group graduate students were presenting their work and received an award.

NC1202 Student Award 3First, Frances Shepherd received the award for best oral presentation in the Enteric Diseases category for her presentation titled Variability and bioinformatic analysis of porcine rotavirus B and C illustrate potentially important immunological sites. Frances’ advisers are Dr. Douglas Marthaler and Dr. Michael Murtaugh.

AVEMP Student AwardsThen, Dr. Robert Valeris received the best poster award in the Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine category for presenting Survival analysis of protocols for eradication of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in swine farms.

Join us in congratulating our students for their awards!


The U of MN well represented at the NA PRRS Symposium

The first week-end in December is usually the time of the North American PRRS symposium. This year did not upset the tradition but this time, the conference was in collaboration with the National Swine Improvement Federation.

The 2017 NA PRRS meeting was dedicated to Dr. Bob Morrison.

The meeting was dedicated to our friend and colleague Dr. Bob Morrison. A memorial fellowship organized by Dr. Montse Torremorell (U of MN) and Dr. Joan Lunney (USDA) provided travel support to future scientists who wish to follow in his footsteps.

Stephen Gerike from the Pork Checkoff shared information on the state of pork products used in restaurant. Bacon represents 20% of products used but is still growing (+4% since last year).

Stephen Gerike shared the updated cooking recommendations for pork product.

 Overall, 82% of restaurant customers eat the same or larger amount of pork which is a good trend for the industry. Mr. Gerike also shared the efforts done by Pork Checkoff to convince consumers to not overcook their pork. Reminder: 145F is safe. “Cook your pork like you cook your steak!”


The University of Minnesota was well represented during the conference. Dr. Montse Torremorell moderated the Saturday morning session on PRRS in the field. Drs. Cesar Corzo, Carles Vilalta and Juan Sanhueza shared the updates on the Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Program as well as regarding the studies that they are involved with. Take away messages:

  • MSHMP is now collecting information from 50% of the sows in the United States.
  • Based on this data, 58% of the farms breaking with PRRSV today will break again within a year.
  • PRRS summer outbreaks happen and vary based on location (see figure below).
  • Farms take a longer time to reach stability after a summer outbreak (median 41.5 weeks)
  • Processing fluids can be used as a monitoring method for PRRS.

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Dr. Perle Boyer shared the launching of an online course designed in collaboration with Iowa State University regarding genetic resistance to PRRSV. The course will be open in Spring 2018 and is designed for swine health professionals, veterinarians and experts who want to know more about the Principles and application of genetics and genomics to improve animal health.