A successful 2023 AASV meeting for the University of Minnesota!

The University of Minnesota was well represented at the 54th AASV annual meeting, last week-end in Aurora, Colorado.

Dr. Joaquin Alvarez-Norambuena gave two talks during the research topics session. His first presentation focused on investigating if PRRSV can reach ground water after manure spreading while the second one compared various hand sanitation protocols to decrease influenza transmission.

At the AASV foundation luncheon, Dr. Kim VanderWaal received a research grant award to continue her work on PRRSV classification to improve disease control and management.

During a session on FAD preparedness, Dr. Marie Culhane defined what a targeted, science-based African Swine Fever surveillance would look like.

Lastly, Brenna Werner, sophomore at the UMN CVM, won the first place in the DVM student poster competition with her work on oral fluids in pen gestation. Congratulations Brenna!

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