U of Illinois Student Wins Morrison Swine Innovator Prize… Again!

For the second year in a row, University of Illinois veterinary student Zack Talbert has received the Morrison Swine Innovator Prize, an award given to veterinary students who want to specialize in swine medicine. The award was presented September 22nd at the annual Allen D. Leman Swine Conference.

All North American veterinary students with an interest in swine health and production were eligible. Talbert’s presentation on testing the performance of a fumigation box designed to improve the removal of pathogens from objects entering a swine barn, persuaded reviewers to award him the Prize. Talbert won in 2019 for inventing the Bio-Barrier 360.

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Describing vehicle movement patterns within a production system in the Midwest

This is our Friday rubric: every week a new Science Page from the Bob Morrison’s Swine Health Monitoring Project. The previous editions of the science page are available on our website.

This week the MSHMP team presents the results of their latest project which proposed to first record vehicle movement patterns to then add that future disease prediction models. This is part 1 of their report. Part number 2 will be on the blog next week.

Key Points

  • Utilizing movement data to understand network connectivity can provide insights impacting disease control, animal welfare, and other areas.
  • The number of vehicle movements is constant over season and year, with no high or low seasons indicating a constant level of contacts. 
  • From this subset of transport data, most of the trips are to sow farms (32.5%) and Truck-wash facilities (37.6%).
  • The average time for vehicle cleaning, disinfection and baking (at the truck-wash facilities) was ~3hrs.
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The Leman Swine Meeting is here!

This year, the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference promises a new standard for online conferences! From markets, impact of COVID-19 and lessons learned, to preparing for emerging diseases, and enhancing operation’s value-added strategies. We became dedicated to providing an online platform that will wellcome a wide community of presenters and participants from all around the world! Do not wait any longer! Click here for more information and to register.

More reasons needed to join us? Please, check out some of our previous posts to convince yourself that the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference will become an outstanding online event in 2020! See you soon!

Let’s talk about vaccines at the Leman swine conference

Join us for the 2020 Allen D. Leman swine conference!

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Let’s talk about vaccines at the Leman swine conference

Preventative care and immunizations are a cornerstone of swine health and management. Vaccinating the herd to protect the more immuno-compromised individuals has helped our producers control and even eradicate some infectious diseases. The scientific committee invites you to join the discussions on best practices to use vaccines in the Allen D. Leman swine conference starting this week-end!

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Remembering September 11th

Many remember September 11, 2001 as a day when the world really changed for them. Many take time to remember those who died that day, and all of us should take time to reflect on the big, global challenges we are all facing. The Allen D. Leman Swine Conference is dedicated to tackling issues faced by swine veterinarians and pork producers – even large global issues like international trade and African Swine Fever. We also take time every year at the Conference to remember all the people who led us and taught us so well. Take some time today to reflect and remember, and then take some time to check out all the opportunities waiting for you at the 2020 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference