Let’s talk about vaccines at the Leman swine conference

Preventative care and immunizations are a cornerstone of swine health and management. Vaccinating the herd to protect the more immuno-compromised individuals has helped our producers control and even eradicate some infectious diseases. The scientific committee invites you to join the discussions on best practices to use vaccines in the Allen D. Leman swine conference starting this week-end!

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Attend all the 2020 Leman Conference workshops!

The 2020 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference has moved online, giving you access to all the pre-conferences with a single registration!

Every year, the scientific committee organizes high-quality workshops and this year is no exception. Seven pre-conference sessions will be available on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th and your registration gives you access to all of them! From the latest advances in pig survivability research to a deep-dive into farm biosecurity, you will find a topic to pique your interest. Conflicting times? With the online format, you can watch the presentations later.

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