Let’s talk about vaccines at the Leman swine conference

Preventative care and immunizations are a cornerstone of swine health and management. Vaccinating the herd to protect the more immuno-compromised individuals has helped our producers control and even eradicate some infectious diseases. The scientific committee invites you to join the discussions on best practices to use vaccines in the Allen D. Leman swine conference starting this week-end!

In the research highlights on Sunday, discover new vaccines against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae with Dr. Maes from Ghent University and discuss the effect of influenza vaccines on the virus genotype with PhD-candidate Chong Li from the University of Minnesota.

On Monday, keynote presenter Dr. Linda Saif will highlight the role of vaccines in our fight against coronaviruses both in the swine and human worlds while Dr. Jeremy Schefers will give us his perspective dealing with bovine coronaviruses.

Vaccinating against African Swine Fever? Do not miss Dr. Douglas Gladue and Dr. Joe Connor’s talks on Tuesday to learn what progress has been made to control this pathogen, recently found in Germany.

The Leman conference is also popular for its flu clinic where numerous participants get their annual flu shot. The clinic goes virtual this year, sponsored by Cambridge Technologies. Do not miss it!

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