Registration for the 2021 Leman conference is open!

The Allen D. Leman swine conference is back in person in St. Paul, Minnesota! Or online, you choose how you want to get the best of content on science-driven solutions for the global swine industry. Save the date in your calendar: September 18-21, 2021 and register today!

Best of Leman 2018 series #4: P. Thomas – Air filtration by the numbers

Our fourth presentation for this year is by Dr. Pete Thomas from Iowa Select Farms regarding air filtration in pig farms.

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IPVS 2022 Minneapolis Bid Update

Thank you for supporting our bid to host the 2022 IPVS in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, Minneapolis was not selected and the 2022 IPVS meeting will take place in Leipzig, Germany.

We are grateful about the experience this has represented for us, the words of encouragement we have received from many of you and we remain excited about bringing forward a bid for IPVS 2024 in a couple of years at the 2020 IPVS in Brazil. We hope we can count on your support.
In the meantime, we welcome you to the Allen D. Leman swine conference in St. Paul, from September 15th to 18th, 2018.

Best of Leman 2017 series #5: J. Pittman – We’ve posted a lot of sows.

We launched a new series on the blog in October. Once a month, we are sharing with you a presentation given at the 2017 Allen D. Leman swine conference, on topics that the swine group found interesting, innovative or that lead to great discussions.

The fifth presentation we are sharing is from Dr. Jeremy Pittman from Smithfield’s, NC. In the context of increased sow mortality, Dr. Pittman spent a lot of time investigating the root causes of this change and he shares his experience in this talk.

To listen to this talk, please click on the picture below.

Pittman posted a lot of sows.gif

Thank you for a great 2016 Leman conference!

Tuesday marked the end of the 2016 Allen D. Leman conference held in St. Paul, MN. The conference gathered more than 850 professionals and veterinarians from the swine industry for 4 days of conferences and exchanges on the latest science-driven solutions.

Among the highlights from this conference, we would like to congratulate Dr. Deb Murray from New Fashion Pork for receiving the Science in Practice Award. The Pijoan lecture was given by Dr. Peter Davies from the University of Minnesota whereas Dr. Paul Ruen from Fairmont Veterinary Clinic presented the Hanson lecture. Dr. Joe Connor was recognized as the Breakfast Conversation Honoree this year. Lastly, our Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam challenged the audience on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

If you attended the conference, you may have received an email with a link to a survey. Please, consider taking a few minutes to answer it as we very much value your input and feedback.

Thank you and see you next year, September 16−19, for another amazing edition of the Allen D. Leman conference!

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