PRRSV 1-7-4 ORF5 diversity over time

This week, the MSHMP team is looking at 16 years of genetic diversity of ORF-5 from the PRRS virus sequences submitted by the MSHMP participants

Key Points

  • PRRSV ORF5 sequence monitoring over time contributes to the understanding of pathogen evolution.  
  • Range of PRRSV 1-7-4 percent divergence has decreased over the last 16 years between 2003 and 2019, which is consistent with lineage turnover previously described.
  • PRRSV 1-7-4 can belong to a specific lineage or sublineage, 1A being the most common currently.
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Type 2 PRRS virus ORF5 divergence from VR2332 over time

This week, Dr. Mariana Kikuti and the MSHMP team share the evolution of PRRS ORF 5 from the original strain discovered in the 90s.

Key Points

  • ORF5 sequencing for PRRSv monitoring have been increasing over time
  • ORF5 nucleotide divergence from the reference VR2332 averaged at around 10-15% throughout 2000-2018.
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