Disease surveillance programs: a podcast episode

Every year there is some form of disease outbreak in swine herds across the US. Whether it is PRRSV, PEDV, or something else, we need to make sure that we are doing everything in our power to maintain a high health status on our farms. In this podcast Dr. Cesar Corzo talks with Laura Greiner about his work on his Swine Health Monitoring Program about ways we can minimize the spread of diseases to other farms, and how to more effectively keep our farms disease free.

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Senecavirus A in swine populations: a podcast episode

Dr. Guilherme Preis shares his work on Senecavirus A with Dr. Márcio Gonçalves for Swine Health Blackbelt, discussing his work at further understanding its epidemiology as well as different sampling techniques that can be used to monitor spread and viral shedding.

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Vaccine Dose and Timing Matter in a PRRS Fight

If a modified live vaccine is one of your weapons against a significant PRRS break, using the labeled dose at the right time is critical. Yet this science-based fact is not always followed.

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Transporting Pigs in Cold Weather: a podcast

Did you know that the UMN swine extension group has their own podcast?

In this episode, University of Minnesota Swine Extension Educators Sarah Schieck Boelke and Diane DeWitte discuss what it takes to transport pigs when the temperature is low. They also talk about unfit pigs for transport, loading density, proper setup of the trailer, and knowing current driving conditions.

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The 5 best blog posts in 2020

For our first article of 2021, the UMN swine group would like to wish you all the best for this new year. May it bring you a lot of joy and peace. As we reflect on 2020, we would like to share the posts that were your favorite as well as a few gems that you might have missed. We hope that you enjoy reading this selection and we will come back on Friday with our usual Science Page feature. As always, thank you for reading this page and for supporting us.

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