The Morrison Swine Innovator Prize for DVM Students continues at the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference!

Veterinary student, did you shadow a swine practitioner this summer or were involved in an interesting clinical case investigation? Did you work on your veterinary skills by designing a differential diagnosis list or working on a treatment plan? Did you investigate a problem by analyzing production records? Share your work at the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference to win the Morrison Swine Innovator Prize!

The Allen D. Leman Swine Conference is organizing a session for veterinary students to demonstrate their problem-solving skills through the presentation of a case or experience where students challenged their clinical training and problem-solving capabilities necessary for day-to-day practice. Creativity and originality in the support and delivery are encouraged. The session will take place in person on Sunday afternoon at the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference and will include presentations from 7 veterinary students. Invited students will receive a $1,000 stipend, free admission to the Leman Swine Conference, and a copy of the book, “Epidemiology for Field Veterinarians – An Introduction” by Sergeant and Perkins.

Attending the Leman Conference is a great opportunity for veterinary students who want to network with industry leaders. Submissions should be uploaded at by August 15th at the end of the day. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Perle Zhitnitskiy.

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