What your favorite posts of 2018 are so far

On Friday, we usually share with you the latest Science Page from the Bob Morrison’s Swine Health Monitoring Project. Today, we decided to do something a little different but you can always go read our  previous editions of the science page on our website.

Today, we are bringing back to 2 most popular blog posts from 2018, in case you missed them.

Swine microbiome studies: why, how and where are we going?

In this article written by Dr. Andres Gomez, we talk about what the microbiome is, how we characterize it and why it is important to define what a normal microbiome is.

Sow farm classification according to Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae status

Here are the key points of this article by Dr. Maria Pieters in collaboration with the University of Barcelona:

  • Sow farm classification according to M. hyopneumoniae status helps to manage this bacterium’s transmission chain.
  • The proposed farm classification system for M. hyopneumoniae can be used for one (farrow-to-finish) or multiple-site (farrow-to-wean and farrow-to-nursery) production systems.
  • Monitoring of M. hyopneumoniae to classify farms requires the combination of observational and laboratory analyses.

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