Best of Leman 2018 series #1: Dr. Noelle Noyes – AMU and AMR: How will we ever understand it?

We launched a new series on the blog last year. Once a month, we are sharing with you a presentation given at the Allen D. Leman swine conference, on topics that the swine group found interesting, innovative or that lead to great discussions.

We can find all of the presentations selected from last year’s conference on the blog here.

Our first presenter to kick off this year’ selection is Dr. Noelle Noyes who recently joined the University of Minnesota to bring her expertise in Antimicrobial Resistance in human and livestock. The Center for Animal Health and Food Safety wrote a great article on how Dr. Noyes plans to bring her research to the farms and help producers solve their issues.

Click on the image below to watch her presentation at the conference:

Noyes Leman 2018 AMR understanding

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