Remembering Bob Morrison

This month marks the 5th anniversary of Dr. Bob Morrison’s passing, and we at Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Project (MSHMP) and the UMN Swine Group want to commemorate him and his extensive and meaningful work. In the years since Bob’s death, many people have spoken and written about his professional contributions nationally and internationally to academia, research and the swine industry.

Dr. Bob Morrison

Much of Bob’s professional impacts stemmed from who he was as a person, and how he held personal connection and relationship as a leading value. This has been shown in so many of the stories that have been shared about him over the past five years. While we won’t reiterate or relist what has already been said, the past five years has continued to show the scope of Bob’s influence both professionally and personally. Here, at the MSHMP we continue to hold Bob’s goals and hopes for the project as guides to the work that we do.

During this anniversary, we know that those of us here at MSHMP and at the UMN, as well as many others across academia, the swine industry, and elsewhere, nationally and internationally, honor and miss Dr. Bob Morrison.

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