Introducing Dr. Xiaomei Yue from the MSHMP team

We are excited to introduce our participants and recipients to Dr. Xiaomei Yue who will be working with the Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Project. Xiaomei is an animal health economist with a focus on the production and economic effects of animal disease surveillance programs on herds. She conducts retrospective and predictive research on disease surveillance programs to provide decision makers with insights into more effective animal disease control programs.

Xiaomei received her MSc degree in 2017 from China Agricultural University. In June 2022, Xiaomei received her PhD from Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands. Her PhD work was on the production and economic effects of bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) on dairy systems with and without systematic control program. Methodologies from different scientific disciplines were combined in her graduate work, including statistical modelling, on-site disease frequency measurement, quasi-experimental method and normative bio-economic simulation model integrating biophysical and economic models. Her work covers different dairy farming systems in the Netherlands and China, contributing to an improved knowledge on the efficacy of the Dutch bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV)-free program and knowledge on the BVDV infection situation and associated effects in Chinese dairy herds.A picture containing sky, outdoor, person, smiling

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Xiaomei’s interdisciplinary background in animal health economics not only provides her with knowledge in quantitative veterinary epidemiology, data analysis, economics and more, but also allows her to think in terms of supporting the production industry in disease control decision-making.

Dr. Yue will be joining us as a postdoctoral associate starting from September 2022. As part of the MSHMP team she will be focusing on analyzing collected data from industry and laboratory. The goal in the short-term is to provide weekly regional swine infectious disease updates and risk alerts under The Early Regional Occurrence Warning (TEROW) project. Accordingly, the long-term goal is to make full use of the information provided by MSHMP participants to build a more immediate swine health information system to help prevent the introduction of infectious diseases and reduce outbreaks within the industry. 

Those of us at the MSHMP team are very excited to have Xiaomei working with us. We know she will be a valuable asset to the team and to the swine industry as well.

The MSHMP Team

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