Senecavirus A in swine populations: a podcast episode

Dr. Guilherme Preis shares his work on Senecavirus A with Dr. Márcio Gonçalves for Swine Health Blackbelt, discussing his work at further understanding its epidemiology as well as different sampling techniques that can be used to monitor spread and viral shedding.

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Senecavirus A publications in English and in Spanish

A fair part of our audience originates from Spanish-speaking countries. Our researchers appreciate your support and your interest in our work. Recently, Drs. Matthew Sturos and Fabio Vannucci published an article in the journal Albeitar regarding Senecavirus A and its tropism for reproductive organs.

A quick summary of the article that can be found online in open access:

Se trata de un virus patógeno emergente en el ganado porcino. En este artículo se proporciona información general sobre el virus y el conocimiento actual de la patogénesis y las características de la enfermedad.

For our English-speaking readers, we recommend a previous publication on this page also by Dr. Sturos called Natural and experimentally-induced Senecavirus A infections in boars.

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