Salmonella: How can we fight ‘smart’ bacteria?

Salmonella is an older pathogen, well-known in the swine industry. However, clinical signs of salmonellosis are still seen on the farm, sometimes despite the use of vaccines. Dr. Matheus Costa and graduate student Mariana Meneguzzi explain why this might be due to the great variety of Salmonella found in pigs in an article for the National Hog Farmer.

Salmonella typhimurium on a scanning electron micrograph Source: Wikipedia

Meneguzzi and Costa are working on alternatives to antimicrobial treatment to protect the pigs against Salmonella. In their experiment they looked at the changes in cells structure after inoculation with Salmonella. Their project might take us one step closer to finding a therapeutic option different than antimicrobials.

To read more about their experiment, visit the the National Hog Farmer website.

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