COVID-19 Impact: Masking Hunger

Podcasts are a perfect way to get caught up with new swine information! We are presenting you the latest episode from “At The Meeting… Honoring Dr. Bob Morrison” in collaboration with SwineCast.

At a time when pork producers are forced to dispose of pigs, other Americans are struggling with a lack of food. In this episode of At The Meeting… Honoring Dr. Bob Morrison the hosts discuss getting food to those who need it with Matt Gassen, CEO of Feeding South Dakota, an affiliate of the Feeding America program.

At the Meeting… Honoring Dr. Bob Morrison is a podcast sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health. It is hosted by Dr. Montse TorremorellDr. Gordon Spronk and Dr. Tom Wetzell.

Matt Gassen is the latest guest in a series of “Leaders LeadingTM” recordings produced by the At The Meeting team on the effects of COVID-19 on the pork industry. In this episode, Matt Gassen talks about the paradox of pigs being disposed of while other Americans are struggling with a lack of food during this Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic. Future editions will continue to highlight insights and perspectives from leaders within the swine industry.

Listen to the episode (18 min)

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