Best of the 2020 Leman conference: Streptococcus suis

This is our most popular series on the blog. Once a month, we are sharing with you a presentation given at the Allen D. Leman swine conference, on topics that the swine group found interesting, innovative or that lead to great discussions.

You can find all of the presentations selected from previous conferences on the blog here.

One of the most well liked sessions from the 2020 Allen D. Leman swine conference focused on Streptococcus suis. Three great presenters shared their expertise with this common but challenging swine pathogen:

  • Saying hello to our little friend: Streptococcus suis diagnostics, Matt Sturos
  • Streptococcus suis control and recent field experiences, Matt Allerson
  • Managing S.suis one gene at a time, Maria Jose Clavijo

Enjoyed it? Save the date for the 2021 conference!

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WHEN:  September 18-21, 2021
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