PCV-3: Testing methods and prevalence today: A podcast episode

Since its discovery in 2015, PCV-3 has been a concern for veterinarians and swine producers worldwide. Fully knowing the impacts that PCV-2 can have on a farm, a third member of the Porcine circovirus family should be well understood. In this episode, Dr. Clayton Johnson talk with Dr. Fabio Vannucci about his work with PCV-3, different methods of testing, and how it presents itself in our swine herds.

Dr. Fabio Vannucci is an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota. He received his DVM in 2006 in Brazil and his Master’s in Animal Pathology in 2009. His area of expertise includes food animal disease, diagnostics, and swine medicine and pathology, and lately, he has been focusing on Porcine Circovirus in the swine industry lately.

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