Learn with the University of Minnesota at the 2023 AASV meeting

The 54th Annual AASV meeting is starting this Saturday in Aurora, Colorado and the University of Minnesota will be there! Check out our list of UMN speakers below.

Saturday afternoon

1:35 Measuring antimicrobial use: Why and how, Noelle Noyes

3:50 PRRSV genotypes: What’s new in the lineage system?, Kim VanderWaal

Sunday morning

8:45 Investigating whether PRRSV can reach groundwater after manure-spreading events, Joaquin Alvarez-Norambuena

9:00 Hand sanitation protocols to decrease the risk of influenza transmission in pigs and from pigs to people, Joaquin Alvarez-Norambuena

Monday afternoon

4:15 What is targeted, science-based African swine fever surveillance?, Marie Culhane


  • An investigation of the number of pigs in gestation pens
    that will chew on a rope during oral fluid collection, Brenna Werner
  • Evaluation of sanger sequencing detection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) in in vitro co-infections, Joaquin Alvarez-Norambuena
  • Use of a viability PCR assay for the detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, Albert Canturri
  • Study of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae gene mutations associated with antimicrobial resistance in field samples, Cipriano De Abreu
  • Progression of the newly emerged PRRSV L1C 144 variant in breeding herds Mariana Kikuti
  • Addressing biocontainment through environmental contamination assessment in farms housing PRRS lineage 1C 1-4-4 positive pigs, Claudio Marcello Melini
  • Evaluation of infectiousness and virulence of the newly emergent and virulent Minnesota PRRS virus variant, Claudio Marcello Melini
  • Ten-year retrospective analysis of bacterial pathogens associated with influenza infections in pigs (2012-2021), Mariana Meneguzzi
  • Bayesian latent class analysis of the sensitivity and specificity of a novel PCR and indirect ELISA for African swine fever virus antibody, Rachel Schambow

View the full program for a complete list of speakers and presentations. We can’t wait to see you again in-person!

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