Reducing Losses, Maximizing Profits: Examining Sow Mortality – A podcast

Swine mortality is a significant issue for the industry, as the death of an individual animal deeply affects farmers and the whole swine production. So in order to combat sow mortality and make production more profitable and sustainable, we must understand its causes. In this episode, Dr. Mariana Kikuti discusses a study conducted in the US Midwest on sow mortality in pig production systems, aimed at understanding the reasons for sow mortality and identifying factors associated with increased levels.  

Meet the guest:

Dr. Mariana Kikuti


      ○ Current: Staff Researcher at the University of Minnesota


      ○ Ph.D., Public Health Epidemiology (Federal University of Bahia)

      ○ M.Sc., Public Health Epidemiology (Federal University of Bahia)

      ○ D.V.M. (Federal University of Paraná)

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