Introducing the All-New MSHMP Website: Empowering the Swine Community with Knowledge and Collaboration!

This is our Friday rubric: every week a new Science Page from the Bob Morrison’s Swine Health Monitoring Project. The previous editions of the science page are available on our website.

We are delighted to announce the successful completion and launch of the first publicly available Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Project (MSHMP) website – designed to optimize MSHMP output dissemination within both the participant and industry communities. The website represents a significant milestone in our mission to enhance collaboration and communication within the swine industry. 

The website has been thoughtfully designed with ten comprehensive sections, including Home, About, History, People, Reports, Outreach, Ongoing Projects, News, Resources, and Contact Us (See MSHMP Website screenshots below). This platform will serve as an easy access vital source to MSHMP outputs. It will facilitate effective communication and dissemination of crucial information within the swine community. We understand the value of comprehensive and reliable information and balanced data interpretation. For those seeking to stay up to date with the most current official announcements and developments, we have linked the web pages of official institutions. For additional insights, specialized content and different perspectives, we have also included links to collaborators web pages.

As we are officially launching the MSHMP website, we kindly invite everyone associated with the swine industry to explore its features and utilize its extensive resources at

For any inquiries or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the Contact Us section on the website. Lastly, we would like to acknowledge the efforts our MSHMP participants have done in order to share their data as without them this would not have been possible. In addition, we would like to thank the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) for their support.

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