Science Page: 2017 summary of the Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Project

diagram MSHMP This is our Friday rubric: every week a new Science Page from the Bob Morrison’s Swine Health Monitoring Project. The previous editions of the science page are available on our website.

Key points:

  • We will remember 2017 for the loss of Dr. Morrison, in whose honor the program us now named. Dr. Andres Perez led the transition of the program and now Dr. Corzo, the new Leman Chair in Swine health and Productivity is leading the project.
  • MSHMP acknowledges and thanks all participants for their willingness to share their data to support the US industry.
  • The Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) has been instrumental for the execution of this project.

Four new participants joined MSHMP increasing the representativeness of the project by adding 64 sow farms accounting for 220,000 sows.
The weekly report capturing the changes in incidence and prevalence of important pathogens has been shared to participants (n=33) and non-participants (n=185). Now we report on PRRS, PEDv, SVA and novel viruses associated with atypical central nervous system disease.
The weekly science page featured authors from 18 institutions who explained cutting edge research findings, recent publication summaries, and breakdowns of MSHMP data.

Take a look at the report to see the 6 peer-reviewed publications generated thanks to this collaborative work.

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