How to cite MSHMP content

The Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Project (MSHMP) has become a valuable resource for producers, veterinarians, researchers, educators, and professionals in the swine industry thanks to your willingness to share your data. We have been receiving questions regarding the appropriate way to reference MSHMP content in academic work or publications. Although our readers are welcomed to use any citation style, our examples below adhere to the American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines. Below are instructions on how to cite various types of MSHMP content, including charts, science pages, publications, and other outreach materials. Always check the MSHMP website ( for any additional citation instructions or updates.

Citing MSHMP charts:

  • Charts from the MSHMP website should be cited as webpage citation and follow this format:
Author(s) or organization. (Access year, month date). Title of the chart. Site name. URL


Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Project. (2023, October 6). PRRS cumulative incidence (last updated April 2023). Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Project. 
  • To cite a specific chart from an MSHMP public report, follow this format:
Author(s) or organization. (Year). Report title*: Chart title. Publisher name

*The report title is the title of the pdf attached to the weekly report email.


Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Project. (2023). SHMP 2023l24.09 [PRRS monitoring by PF in Italy]: PRRS cumulative incidence. Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Program

Citing MSHMP public science pages:

Author(s) or organization. (Year of publication of the science page). Science page title. Publisher name. URL (if available on the MSHMP science page site:


Kikuti, M., Picasso-Risso, C., Melini, C. M., & Corzo, C. A. (2023). Time to a new PRRS outbreak in naïve breeding herds. Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Program. 

Important Note: In some cases, the reference to the manuscript included in the science page will be added, please use such citation.

Citing MSHMP related publications:

Author(s). (Year of publication of the article). Article title. Journal title, Volume of the journal (Issue number of the journal), Page range of article. DOI or URL


Kikuti, M., Vilalta, C., Sanhueza, J., Pamornchainavakul, N., Kevill, J., Yang, M., Paploski, I. A. D., Lenskaia, T., Odogwu, N. M., Kiehne, R., VanderWaal, K., Schroeder, D., & Corzo, C. A. (2023). Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRSV2) Viral Diversity within a Farrow-to-Wean Farm Cohort Study. Viruses, 15(9), 1837.
An updated list of all MSHMP related publications is available on our website.

Citing other MSHMP outreach, materials (presentations, interviews, podcasts, etc.):

Author(s) [User name for Video citation]. (Year, Month Date). Title of video/episode [Video/Podcast]. Streaming Service/In Name of podcast. Publisher for podcast citation (If applicable). URL

Example (video):

Johnson, C., & Kikuti, M. [Swine Campus •by wisenetix]. (2023, June 9). #56 - Reducing Losses, Maximizing Profits: Examining Sow Mortality - Dr. Mariana Kikuti [Video]. YouTube. 

Example (podcast):

Schieck Boelke, S. & Kikuti, M. (2023, July 5). Episode 35: Length of time farms stay naive of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) [Podcast]. In Minnesota's Swine & U. University of Minnesota.

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