Opportunities and Threats for Spanish Pork Producers: A podcast

Podcasts are a perfect way to get caught up with new swine information! We are presenting you the latest episode from “At The Meeting… Honoring Dr. Bob Morrison” in collaboration with SwineCast.

Decreases in pork production in other EU countries have created growth opportunities for Spanish pork producers, but the potential for increasing regulation and declining consumption of pork are causing concern.

Both threats could drive significant declines in EU pork production in the years ahead. The ATM team discusses the situation with Albert Morera at one of the EU’s largest pork producers, the Vall Companys. Mr. Morera is director general of pork and livestock divisions.

On ‘At the Meeting’, Honoring Dr. Bob Morrison are Dr. Montserrat Torremorell (College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota), Dr. Gordon Spronk (Pipestone Veterinary Services), and Dr. Tom Wetzell (Swine Veterinary Consultant), and is a podcast sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA, Inc. In each episode, veterinarians and other swine experts join the podcast to discuss the most recent topics in swine health and production.

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